The electoral program of the candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine Serge Medyanik

Serhii Medianyk 21.11.2013

I promise that I will fulfill the following obligations, being elected as a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:


To allow the installation of autonomous heating in apartments, to reduce tariffs, to help in the installation of independent heating, also to introduce a special lending for thermo-and energy-saving.


The major overhaul of the entire region: the total replacement of communications, replacing roads and repairing of facades of buildings. The entire area should be planted with flowers, we should open the three parks, 175 playgrounds, to introduce bicycle paths and cultural places for dog walking.


Every person who is retiring will be provided with money to complete treatment and special lending for house purchase and cars, traveling. By 2020 it's necessary to bring the pension to the level of the United States, Japan and Austria.


It is necessary to restore order with credits: to limit the upper bar percent, to reduce the interest rates, to reduce the fines to tighten control over collectors.


Killers must be in the prison! The system does not work, so we should start with a public sin - to punish those who killed by his car, but did not receive any punishment. Konstantin Meladze is the brother of Valery Meladze and a producer of "VIA Gra" (the murderer of the mother of two children), Lyudmila Rebrova is a woman of the football player Sergei Rebrov (the killer of the pregnant women), Alexander Omelchenko is a former mayor of Kyiv (the man killer, who always walk on a zebra). Initiating the creation of a special investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of corruption and abuse of law enforcement and the courts, that do not put these people to the prison. It is also necessary to prosecute Ivan Urgant, the broadcaster - guest worker, for extremism (the desire "to chop ukrainians on the meat" ).


The officials will be personally clean the snow, build and repair roads from an accountant to the minister, who can not cope with snow removal, who has the potholes in the area, as well overstated estimates for the construction and repair work.


Free Internet on the territory of Ukraine at 10 GB (movies can be downloaded in one minute).


The criminal liability for: lies, hidden advertising and closed directive.