Lawyer Larysa Kryvoruchko identified 4 violations during the repressive court of journalist Serhii Medianyk. Video

1 13.03.2023

The repression and persecution of journalist Serhii Medianyk continue through a falsified criminal case. In the Kalynivskyi Court of Vinnytsia Oblast, Judge Yevhen Selyin is considering a motion to send journalist Serhii Medianyk to pretrial detention.

Lawyer Larysa Kryvoruchko has discovered that investigator of the local police Melnyk Vladyslav Andriyovych exceeded his authority.

Neither Judge Selyin nor Prosecutor Bondaruk Iryna Anatoliivna made any comments to the investigator Melnyk, who acted illegally in court.

This indicates that the police, prosecutors, and judges of Vinnytsia Oblast received a command from politicians to "silence" journalist Serhii Medianyk, who exposes their corrupt activities.

At the previous hearing, Judge Yevhen Selyin walked in the courthouse corridor without a mask, and at the hearing that was delayed for 6 hours, he came in wearing a mask, and Prosecutor Bondaruk was also wearing a mask.

This is strange because the quarantine ended with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, so Judge Selyin and Prosecutor Bondaruk only wore masks for one purpose - not to be recognized in video coverage.

This is the same way that bank robbers and members of a gang of robbers behave when they want to remain unidentified.

Investigator Vladyslav Melnyk also wears a mask, even on the street, because he is ashamed to carry out the illegal orders of his supervisor Ivan Ishchenko to persecute journalist Serhii Medianyk.

The head of the police department in Vinnytsia region, Ivan Ishchenko, who in 2014 led pro-Russian militants in Odessa and ordered his subordinates to file a lawsuit for the detention of journalist Serhii Medianyk in the detention center.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Irina Bondaruk fanatically served the interests of the bloody dictator Yanukovych. She is seen on the right, next to Oleksandr Mrikhin, who headed the prosecutor's office in Vinnytsia region from 2012-14 and was appointed by Pshonka.

Mrikhin turned a blind eye to the fact that the "boss" of the region, Volodymyr Groysman, who became the mayor of Vinnytsia in 2013, divided up the land of a local veterans' hospital.

It was for this reason that journalist Serhii Medianyk went to Vinnytsia in August 2021 to conduct his own investigative report and speak at a rally against the looting of the hospital for military personnel.

This hospital is under the jurisdiction of the Vinnytsia Regional Council, currently headed by Vyacheslav Petrovich Sokolovyy, who was appointed to the position by Groysman's party.

Sokolovyy also served as the head of the local regional prosecutor's office for many years, so it's no surprise that the editorial car with journalist Serhii Medianyk was illegally stopped by patrol officer Sergiy Zavalnyuk, who was given the order by the regional leadership.

The team of Aktualna Pravda conducted its own investigation and revealed many names, even from Zelensky's presidential office, who are actively involved in the persecution of journalist Serhii Medianyk.

For example, after the rally on Bankova Street demanding an end to the pressure on journalist Serhii Medianyk, Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Smyrnov sent a letter to the Prosecutor General, at that time Irina Venediktova, and immediately after that, petitions were filed in court to send journalist Serhii Medianyk to prison.

In summary, at the court hearing, lawyer Larysa Kryvoruchko identified 4 procedural violations that were entered into the protocol.

The editorial office, in this report, only published a part of the surnames of officials and politicians who actively participate in the persecution and repression of journalist Serhii Medianyk, so stay tuned for the next videos and publications.

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