Russian missiles destroyed the Ukrainian office of the editorial office of Aktualna Pravda. Video

Новини 17.06.2022

"This story is about our suffering. We are Aktualna Pravda journalists publishing in Ukraine. This story is about how the Russian troops allegedly attacked Ukrainian military bases and called it demilitarization", - tells Kostiantyn Medianyk, journalist and co-founder of Actualna Pravda. It's an absolute miracle that our office hasn't burnt. The Russian troops fired missiles at the building where our office was situated.

For the first time, it was on March 5, and the second - was on March 16. A defaced door, a smashed ceiling, broken electrical wires - it's the entrance to our office redaction.

It is our newsroom. There are, you can see, broken windows and crushed tables. Thirty journalists have been working there before the rocket attack.

Massive wires hang down, and the ceiling is wholly mutilated in the room where a kitchen and a toilet were.

It is the office of the editors. There you can see garbage on the floor, broken windows and ceiling. There is garbage and shattered windows in the cabinet of the director.

It is a room which we used for talks and video recording. All the office technics and computers for video cutting and photo cameras were damaged and broken.

When I look at the consequences of our office bombardments, I'm terrified that people could die there. Our team made content every day in this office. We talked about corruption and lawlessness in Ukraine.

"We were fighting with misinformation and hostile propaganda from Russia. On February 24, Russian rockets bombed our office, and we lost our home"", - tells Serhii Medianyk, journalist and co-founder of Actualna Pravda..

It's terrifying, and we call everyone to support our fighting. On February 25, it was the second day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

The battle was in the next block from our office. The armoured vehicles of Putin's army broke through here.

Our editorial office was located in the former fire station. This building had been a massive basis for the city's saviours for 100 years.

The buildings in marshal Rybalko street were redesigned for the offices five years ago. We settled down some years ago and were located on the second floor.

We thank God that Ukraine could repel the attack of Russia, and we will be able to live and be journalists in an independent and democratic Ukraine!

Friends, you saw our bombed office. It did the Russian army. In this case, we suffered, and we ask you to help us with our further work.

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Don't forget that we make our history together and we as journalists tell you about it.

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